Parvatrabar International Transport Company

شرکت حمل و نقل بین المللی پروا ترابر
شرکت حمل و نقل بین المللی پروا ترابر


It is my pleasure to introduce you to the international ground transportation company known as “Parvatarabar”. Parvatarabar was founded in 1995 in Tehran, Iran and has since become one of the largest international transportation companies in the Middle East. The company provides comprehensive and integrated transportation solutions to customers worldwide and is committed to providing high-quality services at competitive prices.

Services Offered:

Parvatarabar offers a wide range of transportation services including ground, sea, and air transportation. The company’s ground transportation services cover a large number of cities in Iran, and their fleet of modern vehicles is equipped with the latest technology to ensure safe and efficient transportation of goods. In addition, the company’s sea transportation services provide options for large and heavy shipments, while their air transportation services offer quick and efficient delivery to destinations around the world.

Parvatarabar is committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient international transportation services to meet the needs of its customers. The company prides itself on its comprehensive and integrated transportation solutions and is continually updating its fleet to ensure the highest quality services are provided to its customers.

Customer Service:

Parvatarabar offers exceptional customer service, and its team of dedicated professionals is available to assist customers at any time. The company’s tracking system allows customers to track their shipments at any time during international transportation, providing peace of mind and confidence in the quality of services provided.

The company also offers special services to its distinguished customers through its “Parvatarabar Buyers Club” program. These services include exclusive discounts, priority shipping, and access to special services such as packing and loading.

Partnerships and Affiliations:

Parvatarabar is a member of several prestigious international transportation organizations, which enhances its reputation and reflects the high quality of services it provides. The company is committed to working with trusted business partners around the world and has a wide network of agents and business partners located in major ports and airports worldwide. This collaboration enables Parvatarabar to provide seamless and reliable international transportation services to its customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Parvatarabar is committed to its social and environmental responsibilities and works to improve the working environment for its employees. The company is dedicated to achieving sustainable development goals and contributing to the development of local communities.


In summary, Parvatarabar is one of the largest and most reputable international transportation companies in the Middle East. The company’s comprehensive and integrated transportation solutions meet the needs of its customers, and its commitment to providing high-quality services ensures customer satisfaction. Parvatarabar’s transparency in international transportation operations enhances customer confidence in the company and its services.


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